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Just got this through from the Batley News and thought it might be worth while for the club with the exhibition coming up, maybe someone could post it on facebook as well to see if there is any interest.

Hi, Ricky here from the Batley News
We're just emailing to enquire as to whether the club would be interested in sending some pictures across for publication in print in future?
We're looking at certain elements of the paper and we want to get as many pictures as possible for out page 2 feature 
This would be done on a regular basis and we give full credit to photographers.
If this is something you feel that members would be interested in, please email and


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Be nice if they would do a feature on each photographer...

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What about licensing agreements / payments or is it 'for exposure' and they get a free library resource?


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Personally I think it looks quite interesting. We're always looking for a publicity outlet. Don't think it would do any harm to ask for further info.
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I would agree with Mike all publicity is good publicity.
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Can't lose much, and it might encourage new members 


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It is good publicity for the club but these days it is the way that papers get a free library resource.
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