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The next door neighbour has a bumble bees nest in a wall , at 1.8 m high. The idea was to set a jam jar onto a coping stone on a lower wall below the entrance to the bees nest , that I had already set up the camera and focused onto. Bees buzzing round in and out of the entrance but no luck drawing one down onto my jam jar. Aha I'll lift the jar up  to the entrance, of the bees nest, then lift the jam jar down onto a lower coping stone below the bees entrance. Forty five minutes later trying a few different things and no luck, bees buzzing in and out all the time. With the weather changing I abandoned this plan and went into the garden and took a few quick photos of a few roses. Totally, toatally enjoyed myself. Advice tips welcome  macro rose 1.jpg  macro rose 2.jpg  macro Rose.jpg
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